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What is Truckmount

A truck mounted carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is generally mounted to the floor of a van or trailer. Its cleaning method is hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. The truck mounted system, is a self contained machine driven off it's own engine. They operate at around 20 x the power of portable electric machines that standard carpet cleaners use. The operator would park the van near the premises and connect the vacuum hose and solution line hose into the machine, bring the hoses into the building and connect a carpet cleaning wand to the end of the hoses.

Benefits of Truck Mount Cleaning

For the homeowner, less equipment needs to enter the house. Chemical bottles, water buckets and noisy machinery all stay outside. The technician needs only bring a hose into your home with a cleaning wand attached. A great advantage of mount truck cleaning is a quicker setup and cleanup, which means a quick and efficient job.

Quick and Efficient

A technician using portable equipment would have to unload the machine, chemicals and other supplies, bring them into the home and set them up. In the same time, a truck mount professional would already be cleaning the carpet. Conversely, at the end of the job, the portable equipment technician has many items to gather and reload into the truck; the truck mount technician needs only to wrap up a hose & go to the next job or home.

What is Truck Mount?

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